Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catalog Poem Example

I like this poem because while it is in the simple format of a list poem, you get a sense of chronological order from reading it. That is to say, the events and things that are described by the poet occur in order until the narrator finally pulls the covers back over her head and goes to sleep. I think we can all relate to that.

Morning Sounds All Around by Serina Matteson

Maddening ring of the clock that was not turned off.

Television mumbling in the next room.

Wheezing cough.

Grumbling of a late night teenager.

Flicking of the lighter.


Unanswered telephone resonating.

Dithering that ask if I'm up to talking.

Heavy sigh released with smoke laden breath.

Pounding feet from a rushed school senior.

Guilt whispering that she blames me.

Gulping while swallowing a hand full of pills.

Buzzing of the lawnmower.

Rocks pinging off the trailer metal.

Humming of the air conditioner.

Angst screaming that my hearts beating too fast.

Cussing from my son as he kicks the lawnmower.

Scratching paws in the kitty litter.

Blaring voices. Who turned up the television?

Thump, thump from the heart beat in my temple.

Hip hop from the bathroom.

High pitched drone seeping from the computer.

Fixated voice that there's too much noise.

Uncertain clang.


Rustling covers being pulled up over my head.


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