Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anatomy/List/Catalog Poem

Driving at Dawn
by Van K. Brock

A dead rabbit by the roadside,
Sunlight turning his ears to rose petals.

A new electric fence,
Its five barbed wires tight
As a steel-stringed banjo.

The feet of a fat dove
On a high black line
Throbbing to the hum
Of a thousand waterfalls.

A flock of egrets in a field of cows.

Three Great Blue Herons like
pelicans in a watering pond.

The red leaves of a bush
Burning inside me.

A swamp holding its breath.

It was difficult for me to find a anatomy/list/catalog poem and even when I did it was hard for me to find one that I liked. I chose this poem because it has so much imagery. The poem is not just a list of words or phrases being repeated, but it is a narrative within a poem. However, he did no need transitions, the poem just flowed as it cataloged the scenery.

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